Better teachers create more successful students. High-quality professional development enhances instructional quality and has a positive influence on student learning.

Our goals are to:

  • Build teacher capacity in problem-based STEM learning tied to new academic standards in science and math
  • Partner with higher education and industry to assist with real-world STEM integration
  • Provide support and resources for teachers to develop curriculum that incorporates cross-curricular learning through inquiry, research, and design
  • Equip students with 21st-century skills in critical thinking, creativity, innovation, collaboration, leadership and problem-solving

The STEM Teacher Externships and STEM Fellows programs support the elements of quality instruction described in the state frameworks used for teacher evaluation, specifically focusing on student-centered instruction, improved discourse, and increased student engagement. Partnering with STEM industry ensures that content brought to the classroom is relevant to real-world careers and enhances student knowledge of career pathways

The Teacher Leadership Program is built on the knowledge that meaningful professional development can help teachers improve their craft, encourage collaboration with peers, and incorporate thoughtful student feedback.

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