2015-16 Curriculum Modules

Curriculum materials, including lesson plans, PowerPoints & Student Sheets can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the module below.


STEM Fellows

Mars Farm
Grades: 6-8
Subject(s): Science, Math
Authors: Sean Genovese, Lori Hardwick, Nyasha Chambwe, Andrea X Cortes, Deborah Fullerton

Caffeine and Exponential Decay
Grades: 9-12
Subject(s): Algebra II, Chemistry
Authors: Sondra Ordway, Dara Schmoe, Dr. David Sommerfeld, Dr. Aura Burian, Cindy Leung

Disaster Strikes!!
Grades: 7-8
Subject(s): Physical Science, Math
Authors: Jill Bennett, Sue Wilson, Mike Zimmerman, Ryan Mabbott, Roland Teodoro

Asteroid Mining
Grades: 9
Subject(s): Coordinated Science, Math
Authors: Amy Colburn, Natascha Cox, Scott McComb, Steve Haynack, David Hahs, Mario Lotmore, Eric Lagally

How Can You Improve and Validate a Surveillance System to Track Airplanes?
Grades: 9-12
Subject(s): Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Engineering
Authors: Nikhil Joshi, Ryan Kim, Melanie Kong, Michael Pisaruck, Melissa Wrenchey

Reducing the Stigma of Depression
Grades: 9-12
Subject(s): Biology, Anatomy, Physiology
Authors: Heidi Cooper, Summer Elasady, Penny Lefavour, Barry Smith, Jodie Spitze, Cindy Xie