2016-17 Curriculum Modules

Curriculum materials, including lesson plans, PowerPoints & Student Sheets can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the module below.


STEM Fellows

Computer Gaming
Grades: 4-5
Subject(s): Computer Science
Authors: Tara Riddle, Gayla Boast, Erica Taggart, Nicole Mazza, Amy O’Dell

Voltage Valley Settlement Problem
Sponsored by Bonneville Power Administration
Grades: 4-5
Subject(s): Science, Math
Authors: Lauren Howze, Brandy Schroeder, Grace Lefebure, Michelle Riske, Heather Uhler, Sheila Dorst

Energy Playground to Build Healthy Communities
Grades: 6-8
Subject(s): Physical Science (Energy)
Authors: Kathleen DuCharme, Meghan Palmer, Heather Smith, Shelley Garr, Devin Knowles, Emily Prewett

Moving Cars into the Future
Grades: 7-8
Subject(s): Math, Science
Authors: Tricia Percival, Melissa Forcier, Dani Pratt, Michael Teal, Karina Grigoryants, Colleen Norcott

Zika Public Service Announcement
Grades: 11-12
Subject(s): Anatomy, Physiology
Authors: Corie Gudgeon, Meghan Maves-Watson, Vikas Ghai, Hannah Chapin

The Chemistry of Composting
Grades: 10-12
Subject(s): Chemistry, Algebra 2
Authors: Harrison Chau, John Madden, Jake McKinzie, Allison Snetselaar

Grades: 6-8
Subject(s): Health, Science, Computer Science
Authors: Mawiayah Fields, Julia Smith, Monica Edwards, Philip Kwon, Natalie Murray