2017-18 Curriculum Modules

Curriculum materials, including lesson plans, PowerPoints & Student Sheets can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the module below.

Grade(s): 4
Subject(s): Math, Science, Engineering
Authors: Kristyn Reid, Teri deCocq, Amie Jette, Maria-Elena Velasquez, Catie McCready, Samuel Foley, Samayyah Williams
Industry Partner: The Boeing Company, King County Waste Water Treatment Division

Grade(s): 5
Subject(s): Math, Science, Engineering, Computer Science
Authors: Jennifer Anderson, Caroline Okocha, Christie Ryba-Johnson, Kris Strand, Katelyn Virga, and Erin Zackey
Industry Partner: The Boeing Company

Grade(s): 6-8
Subject(s): Computer Science, Math, Science
Authors: Steve Pedersen, Kelly Love, Gaylynn Lynch, Jim Manlove, Akshat Vasavada, Curtis Easton
Industry & Higher Education Partners: The University of Washington, The Boeing Company, Amazon

Grade(s): 10-12
Subject(s): Algebra II, Geometry, Engineering, Economics
Authors: Sara Hoorn, Ashley Gossens, Erin Moody
Industry Partners: The Boeing Company, McKinstry

Grade(s): 5-8
Subject(s): Math, Science
Authors: Stephen Harvey, Doug Riggin, Darcia Ramos, Paul Tretow, Lauren May
Industry Partners: The Boeing Company, McKinstry

Grade(s): 3 -5
Subject(s): Water Quality, Ecosystems, Pollution, Climate Change
Authors: MacKenzie Tanguay, Kate Crabtree, Caitlyn West, Katie Uppendahl, Wade Phillips, Han-Wei Shih, Abhishek Guptta
Industry Partners: The University of Washington, King County Waste Water Treatment Division, Amazon