Elementary School

Computer Gaming

Grades: 4-5

Subject(s): Computer Science

Authors: Tara Riddle, Gayla Boast, Erica Taggart, Nicole Mazza, Amy O’Dell

Voltage Valley Settlement Problem

Sponsored by Bonneville Power Administration

Grades: 4-5 Subject(s): Science, Math

Authors: Lauren Howze, Brandy Schroeder, Grace Lefebure, Michelle Riske, Heather Uhler, Sheila Dorst

Grade(s): 4 Subject(s): Math, Science, Engineering Authors: Kristyn Reid, Teri deCocq, Amie Jette, Maria-Elena Velasquez, Catie McCready, Samuel Foley, Samayyah Williams Industry Partner: The Boeing Company, King County Waste Water Treatment Division

Grade(s): 5 Subject(s): Math, Science, Engineering, Computer Science Authors: Jennifer Anderson, Caroline Okocha, Christie Ryba-Johnson, Kris Strand, Katelyn Virga, and Erin Zackey Industry Partner: The Boeing Company

Grade(s): 6-8 Subject(s): Computer Science, Math, Science Authors: Steve Pedersen, Kelly Love, Gaylynn Lynch, Jim Manlove, Akshat Vasavada, Curtis Easton Industry & Higher Education Partners: The University of Washington, The Boeing Company, Amazon

Grade(s): 5-8 Subject(s): Math, Science Authors: Stephen Harvey, Doug Riggin, Darcia Ramos, Paul Tretow, Lauren May Industry Partners: The Boeing Company, McKinstry

Grade(s): 3 -5 Subject(s): Water Quality, Ecosystems, Pollution, Climate Change Authors: MacKenzie Tanguay, Kate Crabtree, Caitlyn West, Katie Uppendahl, Wade Phillips, Han-Wei Shih, Abhishek Guptta Industry Partners: The University of Washington, King County Waste Water Treatment Division, Amazon  

A Wetland Community Park

Grade(s): 4-5
Subject(s): Science, Technology, and Engineering
Authors: Arthur Cheng (The Boeing Company), Janey Fadely (Mukilteo School District), Michele Hoyer (Everett Public Schools), and Roland Teodoro (The Boeing Company)
Guest Author: Teri deCocq (Mukilteo School District)
Consultant: Doug Gresham (Washington Department of Ecology)
Industry Partner: The Boeing Company


Game of Drones

Grade(s): 5-6
Subject(s): Science, Math, and Technology
Authors: Barbara Bromley (Edmonds School District), Stuart Chernis (Seattle Public School), Tricia Diamond (King County International Airport), Linda Gonzalez (King County International Airport), Sylvie Kacmarcik (Civil Air Patrol), and Mary Williams (Seattle Public Schools)
Guest Author: Teri deCocq (Mukilteo School District)
Industry Partner: King County International Airport (Boeing Field)
Team Sponsor: King County

Video: Lesson 1

Video: Game of Drones Showcase

Training Junior Reservists for Hurricane Disaster Support: An Emergency Management Certification Simulation

Grade(s): 5
Subject(s): Science, Engineering Design, English Language Arts
Authors: Kristen Anderson (Everett Public Schools), Talitha Costley (The Boeing Company), James Hull (The Boeing Company), Mary Mathews (The Boeing Company), Debra Strong (Everett Public Schools)
Guest Author: Teri deCocq (Mukilteo School District)
Industry Partner & Team Sponsor: The Boeing Company