High School

Energy Armageddon

Grades: 9-12

Subject(s): Science, Engineering

Authors: Kimberly Griggs, Bryan Robbins, Josh Little, Coleen Norcott, Ryan Kim, Nick Wolfe

Sustainable Lunchrooms

Grades: 9, 11-12

Subject(s): Chemistry, Physical Science, Environmental Science

Authors: Tyria Riley, Kerri Olson, Madonna Brinkman, Alisan Giesy, Theresa Mccartney, Stephanie Bostwick

Designing a Hand Warmer

Grades: 10-11

Subject(s): General Chemistry

Authors: Keri Austin, Lauren Dandridge, Kim Gunnerson, Addie Smith, John Trela

Designing a Sustainable Cell Phone Grades: 10-12 Subject(s): Chemistry Authors: Warren Carter, Nancy Flowers, Nicole Koontz, Ross Monroe, Dori Nagy, Betty Smith

Decreasing the Rate of Type II Diabetes Grades: 10-12 Subject(s): Biomed, Biotech, Genetics Authors: Alan Beem, Brielle Kemis, Erin Acheson, Greg Brennan, Jonathan Miller, Loretta Boerger

Asteroid Mining Grades: 9 Subject(s): Coordinated Science, Math Authors: Amy Colburn, Natascha Cox, Scott McComb, Steve Haynack, David Hahs, Mario Lotmore, Eric Lagally

How Can You Improve and Validate a Surveillance System to Track Airplanes? Grades: 9-12 Subject(s): Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Engineering Authors: Nikhil Joshi, Ryan Kim, Melanie Kong, Michael Pisaruck, Melissa Wrenchey

Reducing the Stigma of Depression Grades: 9-12 Subject(s): Biology, Anatomy, Physiology Authors: Heidi Cooper, Summer Elasady, Penny Lefavour, Barry Smith, Jodie Spitze, Cindy Xie

Caffeine and Exponential Decay Grades: 9-12 Subject(s): Algebra II, Chemistry Authors: Sondra Ordway, Dara Schmoe, Dr. David Sommerfeld, Dr. Aura Burian, Cindy Leung

Zika Public Service Announcement Grades: 11-12 Subject(s): Anatomy, Physiology Authors: Corie Gudgeon, Meghan Maves-Watson, Vikas Ghai, Hannah Chapin

The Chemistry of Composting Grades: 10-12 Subject(s): Chemistry, Algebra 2 Authors: Harrison Chau, John Madden, Jake McKinzie, Allison Snetselaar

Grade(s): 10-12 Subject(s): Algebra II, Geometry, Engineering, Economics Authors: Sara Hoorn, Ashley Gossens, Erin Moody Industry Partners: The Boeing Company, McKinstry

Where’s My Luggage? Innovating a Better Baggage System

Grade(s): 7-12
Subject(s): Math, Science, and Engineering
Authors: Jamie Carter, Anne Gillies, Stuart Mathews, Penelope Perkins, Mary Thurber, and Delmas Whittaker
Industry Partner & Team Sponsor: The Port of Seattle

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