Evaluations at completed at the end of each program session. Below are the primary program outcomes and outputs from recent cohorts.

2013-14 Outcomes/Outputs

31 participating teachers; over 20 business partners. Of the teachers who completed the 2013-14 summer externship evaluation:

  • 97% agree they learned how to integrate problem-based learning into their teaching and lessons.
  • 97% agree that the Externship Program provided them with new ideas on how to communicate about STEM pathways and STEM related careers to their students, families and community.
  • 97% of the teachers shared what they had learned with others (the one person who did not share concurrently participated in the Fellows program and shared those experiences).

2012-13 Outcomes/Outputs

As a result of participating in the externship 2012-13 program:

  • 96% of teachers reported that they understand how inquiry and problem-based learning are important ways to support student conceptual understanding of content
  • 100% reported that they will share materials and resources with their colleagues
  • 100% reported that they will successfully implement what they learned in their classroom or after school program
  • 100% reported that they were confident in their ability to discuss with students how STEM applies to the real world

2011-2012 Outcomes/Outputs

There were 26 participating teachers & 20 business partners in the 2011-12 Externship Program. Of the 25 teachers who completed the 2012 summer externship evaluation:

  • 100% agree they have a better understanding of how classroom STEM content translates to real-world applications.
  • 100% agree their knowledge of the skills training and/or schooling needed to participate in STEM fields has increased.
  • 100% agree they will successfully implement what they learned in their classroom or after school program.
  • 96% agree they will implement new lessons with what they learned.