STEM Teacher Leadership Program

Effective teacher leadership occurs when teachers lead without leaving the classroom. This promotes a school culture that prioritizes the parallel development of student and adult learning. WABS STEM teacher leaders will collaborate with their building principal to create a growth mindset among the staff, leading to a culture of innovation, continual learning, and success in the school overall.

The Experience

Teacher leaders will complete a four-day summer bootcamp, in which they will study equity and access created through problem-based learning, facilitating adult learning, mentoring and coaching, and systems thinking. During the school year, they will continue learning with their district teacher leader group in a community of practice. They will engage in case study and protocols to share and enrich their leader experiences. They will also have two additional professional development days with the entire WABS group, one in the fall and one in the spring. We hope that teachers will commit to a 2-year experience.

Program Eligibility & Benefits

The WABS Teacher Leadership opportunity is currently open to middle or high school math, science, and CTE teachers from pre-approved WABS member districts. We highly recommend that applicants have completed the STEM Externship or STEM Fellows experience. We require principal recommendation and at least 5 years of teaching experience. Teacher Leaders receive free clock hours and a $1500 stipend.