Resources for Spring 2017

ASSA Volunteer Basics


Grades 4-5: Catapults and Trebuchets

Facilitator Guide – Catapults and Trebuchets

Student Journal – Catapults and Trebuchets

Trebuchet Olympics Handout

Video: Medieval Catapults (optional)

Grades 6-8: It’s In the Bag: Bio-Inspired Gear

Facilitator Guide – Bio-Inspired Gear

Student Journal – Bio-Inspired Gear

Video: Engineering Special Report
Video: Animal Defenses
Video: Camouflage (optional, 0:40-4:45)
Video: Roller Derby Explained (optional)
Video: Bioinspired Gear in the Military (optional)

Materials Summary by Lesson

4 Questions to Ask When a Design Fails


Previous Units

Resources for Winter 2017
Grades 4-5: Music to My Ears
Facilitator Guide – Music to My Ears
Student Journal – Music to My Ears
Templates – Music to My Ears
Audio Files – Music to My Ears

Grades 6-8: Robotic Arm
Facilitator Guide – Robotic Arm
Student Journal – Robotic Arm
Lesson 1: Video
Lesson 5: Video 1    Video 2     Video 3


Resources for Fall 2016
Grades 4/5: “Hop to It”
Facilitator Guide – Hop To It
Student Journal – Hop To It
Resources – Hop To It
Audio Files – Audio Files

Grades 6/8: “Structures Around the World”
Facilitator Guide – Structures Around the World
Student Journal – Structures Around the World

Resources for Spring 2016
Grades 4/5: “Rockets & Rovers”
Facilitator Guide – Rockets & Rovers
Student Journal – Rockets & Rovers
Destination (Planet) Pages
Rover Templates
Audio Files – Rockets & Rovers

Grades 6/8: “Rockets
Facilitator Guide – Rockets
Student Journal – Rockets


Resources for Winter 2016
Grades 4/5: “Flying Technologies”
Audio Files – Flying Technologies
Messages from the Duo with QR codes (download these pages if you’ll be using the app)
Engineering Journal – Flying Technologies
Facilitator Guide – Flying Technologies
Flying Technologies – Resources

Grades 6/8: “Outbreak Alert”
Engineering Journal – Outbreak Alert
Facilitator Guide – Outbreak Alert
Resource Packet – Outbreak Alert

Resources for Fall 2015

Grades 4/5: “Bubble Bonanza”
Facilitator Guide – Bubble Bonanza
Engineering Journal – Bubble Bonanza
Audio Files – Bubble Bonanza
Lesson Summary – Bubble Bonanza
Engineering Design Process Poster
Video Links:
Adventure 1, Deni Yang
Adventure 1, Keith Johnson (scroll to bottom of the page)
Adventure 2, Double Bubble
Adventure 3, Keith Johnson
Grades 6/8: “It’s About Time: Timers”
Facilitator Guide – Timers
Engineering Journal – Timers
Lesson Summary – Timers
Engineering Design Process Poster
Video Links:
Activity 2, Engineering Everywhere Special Report

Resources for Spring 2015
Grades 4/5: “To The Rescue – Aid Drop Packages”
Facilitator Guide – To The Rescue
Engineering Journal – To The Rescue
Audio Files – To The Rescue
Making it Clear/Can You Find It? Pages
Package Contents Cards

Grades 6/8: “Put a Lid on It – Helmets”
Facilitator Guide – Put a Lid on It
Student Engineering Journal – Put a Lid on It

Resources for Winter 2015
Grades 4/5: “Shake Things Up”
Shake Things Up – Audio Files
Shake Things Up – 2015 Facilitator Guide
Shake Things Up – 2015 Student Engineering Journal
Shake Things Up – 2015 Lesson Summary 

Video: Earthquake Engineering

Grades 6/8: “Here Comes the Sun”
Here Comes the Sun – 2015 Facilitator Guide
Here Comes the Sun – 2015 Student Engineering Notebook
Here Comes the Sun – 2015 Lesson Summary