Resources for 2018

ASSA Volunteer Basics
4 Questions to Ask When a Design Fails
Engineering Design Process Poster
Group Roles Cards
Volunteer Training Video:


Winter 2019

Grades 4-5: Light Up the Night

Facilitator Guide – Light Up the Night
Engineering Journal – Light Up the Night
Audio Files – Light Up The Night
Circuit Tutorial – Light Up the Night
Handout: Northern Lights Images
Handout – Inga’s Sculptures
Video: Electrical Circuits – Series & Parallel
Video: Ghostbusters Light Show
Video: Northern Lights Real-time
Video: Northern Lights Time-lapse
Additional Educator Resources

Grades 6-8: Outbreak Alert!

Facilitator Guide – Outbreak Alert
Engineering Journal – Outbreak Alert
Educator Resources – Outbreak Alert

Fall 2018
Grades 4-5: Bubble Bonanza
Facilitator Guide: Bubble Bonanza
Student Journal: Bubble Bonanza
Video: Bubble Artist
Audio Files: Bubble Bonanza
Bubble Cards
Grades 6-8: It’s About Time
Facilitator Guide: It’s About Time
Student Journal: It’s About Time
Video: Special Report, It’s About Time

Grades 4-5: To The Rescue
To The Rescue: Facilitator Guide
To The Rescue: Engineering Journal
To The Rescue: Audio Files
To The Rescue: Making it Clear Pages
To the Rescue: Package Contents Cards
Video: US Military Aid Drop to Victims of East African Floods (optional)

Grades 6-8: Don’t Runoff
Don’t Runoff: Facilitator Guide
Don’t Runoff: Engineering Journal
Video: Don’t Runoff Engineering Special Report
Video: Green Roofs
Video: Green City, Clean Water
Handout: Green Infrastructure Tools