Career Connect Washington (CCW)
Regional Network for King County & Pierce County

Advocacy and the Recovery Statement

The Regional Network of Pierce and King counties supports Career Connected learning through Career Awareness and Exploration, Career Preparation and Career Launch. These programs provide young people in Pierce and King counties with paid, work-based training and aligned classroom instruction, that result in an industry-recognized credential opening a pathway for a real job. These programs are created in partnership with local employers, labor groups, and educators, to ensure that the curriculum is high quality, that the skills are transferable, and that the training is aligned to employer needs.

The Regional Network supports Career Connect Washington Recovery Plan and for basic funding to continue these vital programs in Pierce and King Counties. Link to the Career Connect Washington COVID-19 Recovery Proposal here.

Career Connect Washington

Is a regional network that helps to build or bring to scale a Career Connected Learning (CCL) system in:

  • Career Awareness and Exploration: one-time interactions with partners for a student or group of students and the opportunity to explore career options.
  • Career Preparation: direct interaction with professionals and from industry and the community.
  • Career Launch: preparing students for employment in a specific range of occupations

WABS was selected through a competitive process via Career Connect Washington to create a regional network of industry leadership, educators, and others focused on creating pathways for young people into the high demand high potential jobs that will shape the future economy.

Four regional partner organizations are collaborating to guide the Network. The leadership organizations are represented below by their logos.

  • College Success Foundation (CSF), James Dorsey
  • Washington Alliance for Better Schools (WABS), Emily Yim
  • Workforce Central of Pierce county.  (WC-Tacoma), Helen McGovern.
    The Network also works closely with the CCW Learning Coordinator located at ESD 121 in Renton,
  • Workforce Development of King County (WDC-SeaKing), Marie Kurose

Our Vision

Every young adult in Washington State will have multiple pathways towards economic self-sufficiency and fulfillment through a statewide system of CCL pathways.

Our Goals

To create a braided pathway that connects students from early on to career opportunities around them. To provide technical assistance to program intermediaries and align industry and education needs around healthcare, technology, and construction.

Multiple Pathways to Career

High School + Internship + College
High School + Internship + Certificate
High School + Apprenticeship + College
High School + Apprenticeship + Certificate

More Information

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