Empowered Families


Students do better in school when their families are engaged. WABS Natural Leaders Program gives families the tools they need to break down language, cultural, and systemic barriers so all families are empowered to engage.


Natural Leaders represent the diversity of their school communities. Honoring their experiences and listening to their voice ensures more equity and access for all students.

  • They serve as experts in their language, of their children, and of their cultural experiences
  • They foster authentic family-school and community partnerships


Natural Leaders are multicultural parents and family members that serve as a bridge between families, community, and schools.

  • They represent the diversity of your schools
  • They personally understand the impact of the complex barriers students and families face


Natural Leaders engage in new learning, create events families want, and build relationships. The program’s success comes from the following strategies:

  • The Natural Leaders program is grassroots, meaning that it is driven by the needs of each community and their families.
  • The program utilizes a Train-the-Trainer model. Parents are empowered by receiving training that they can then share with other families.
  • Distributive Leadership on all levels ensures access to support and resources for families.

The Natural Leaders program provides parents and families, training, mentoring, and leadership opportunities to increase their capacity to engage with the school community and support student learning.

For more information on Parent and Community Engagement programs and initiatives, contact jennifer@wabsalliance.org.

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