After School STEM Academy: Hosts

Elementary or Middle School Fall Sessions, Fully In Person or Hybrid:

Fall Curriculum Resources Page, Password Protected

Elementary Winter Session, Fully Virtual:

Winter Curriculum Resources Page, Password Protected

Session Dates 1/3/22 – 2/25/22

Curriculum: To The Rescue: Using the Engineering Design Process, students learn how aid drop packages are used in areas impacted by a natural disaster and work to engineer the components including the parachute, protective packaging, and labels. Students will build and test their designs using everyday materials.

Winter Orientation & Training


Watch the School Host Information Session to learn more about After School STEM Academy.

ASSA Overview

The goal of the ASSA is to give students exposure to industry professionals, to learn about STEM careers and career pathways, and to engage in fun, hands-on learning that helps increase 21st Century skills. As a reminder, WABS is a nonprofit collaborative of school districts. Each district that is a member of our collaborative pays a small membership fee to have access to our programs. This makes up a small part of our budget – the rest made up of foundation and corporate grants. Thus there is no cost to the school, staff, or students. 

WABS provides:

  • 3 ASSA options: In person, Hybrid, & Virtual
  • Curriculum and materials kits 
  • A volunteer facilitator from a local STEM industry
  • Training for school host staff and industry volunteers prior to facilitating the session. Teachers can receive one CE hour with training attendance. 
  • Ongoing resources and support for hosts and volunteers throughout the session.

Teacher Host Responsibilities

In Person or Hybrid: Choose 4 dates between 05/09-06/17 to host a 1.5-hour in-person session after school.

Virtual: Choose 6 dates between 1/3 – 2/25 to host a 1-hour virtual session

  • Recruit up to 24 students, 3rd-6th grades or 6th-8th grades, in agreement with your school’s social distancing guidelines.
  • Ensure you or your volunteer have the classroom supply kit before your first session.
    • Hybrid option: There will be one classroom supply kit. A separate, individual kit will be arranged for the virtual volunteer facilitator. 
    • Virtual option: School hosts will need to distribute individual student supply kits before winter break.
  • Connect with your volunteer, and ensure they have submitted for any necessary background checks.
  • Hybrid & Virtual Options: Set up Zoom (or the virtual platform being used in your district) for the sessions if you are hosting a hybrid session with a virtual volunteer facilitator and/or students. Share the meeting link with your volunteer. 
  • During the sessions, the school host must be present to help with technical support, student management, and to support the industry volunteers who are facilitating the activities. Teachers may need to run the presentations for volunteers depending on district technology permissions.

Questions? Contact Grace Schouten at

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