After School STEM Academy: Volunteers

The goal of the Virtual After School STEM Academy is to give students exposure to industry professionals, to learn about STEM careers and career pathways, and to engage in fun, hands-on learning that helps build 21st Century skills. Each six-week session is facilitated by industry volunteers, with support from a classroom teacher who volunteers to host the class.

WABS provides:

  • Curriculum and materials kits for students & volunteers
  • PowerPoint slides to be used to facilitate virtual sessions
  • Match between a teacher host and industry volunteers
  • Training for industry volunteers prior to facilitating the sessions

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Sign-up for a six-week session (one-hour per week)
  • Attend volunteer orientation
  • Facilitate virtual sessions for students each week
  • Volunteers will be placed in teams of 2-3 whenever possible
  • During the sessions, the teacher host will be present to help with technical support, student management, and to support the industry volunteers who facilitate the activities.

Curriculum Overview

Winter 2021

Session Dates: 02/01/21 – 03/26/21

In this unit, students will engineer model buildings that are earthquake resistant. They’ll also develop building codes that help others build earthquake-resistant structures. Students will build and test their designs using everyday materials.

Questions? Contact April Nilsen at

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